Northwest O'ahu, Ka'ena Point, Hawaii - Photos of Aloha
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This rock called Pohaku o Kaua'i which means the rock of Kaua'i. Hawai'ian legend tells of this rock being thrown by one of the gods from Kaua'i (about eighty miles away) to O'ahu. The area around it is called Leina-a-ka-'uhane which means the leaping place for souls. Legend says that as you lay dying, your soul leaves your body and wanders about aimlessly until it climbs this rock and leaps into the ocean -- to be caught in mid-air by its ancestors. When that happens, you then die. Since this is the most western part of the island, it's where the darkness starts -- the place (called Po) where souls wander with their ancestors in the dark.

Ka'ena Point, Northwest tip of O'ahu March 2008

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